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Ambleside Attractions

In and around Ambleside you'll find plenty of attractions on offer - depending on your taste from the Bridge House which is possibly the most photographed building in the Lake District, to the Ambleside Roman Fort. Ambleside has a lot to offer.

Bridge House

Bridge House

Bridge House is possibly the most photographed building in the Lake District, and a popular subject for many artists including Turner. A tiny building, originally an apple store for nearby Ambleside Hall, was built over Stock Beck to escape land tax. Once five mills were driven by the power of Stock Beck and some may still be seen nearby. It is said that at some time a family with six children lived here in the two rooms. In 1926 it was purchased by a group of local people who passed it into the care of the National Trust, which 20 years later they turned into their first information and recruitment centre. It is now a rather cramped shop for the National Trust.

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Ambleside Roman Fort

Ambleside Roman Fort

The Roman Fort of GALAVA, built as one of a series of fortified structures to protect the vital trade routes through Cumbria, was built around AD79, and made use of a strategic position, protected on two sides by water. During the Roman army's conquest of Northern Britain towards the end of the first Century, a small timber fort was built here to house a garrison of 200 men. It was soon abandoned, but the site was redeveloped early in the 2nd Century AD. The fort was demolished and a second one built in stone on an artificial platform which is still just visible. It housed a cohort of 500 infantrymen. Archaeological excavations by R.G. Collingwood between 1914 and 1920 revealed the remains of the fort's defences, and parts of the internal building arrangement, including the main gate, the south gate, the commanding officer's house, the headquarters building and the granaries, all of which may be seen today.

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The Brownes of Townend were just an ordinary farming family, but their home and belongings bring to life more than 400 years of extraordinary stories. You will understand why Beatrix Potter described Troutbeck Valley as her favourite as you approach this traditional stone and slate farmhouse. Once inside, you are welcomed into the farmhouse kitchen, which has a real fire burning most days and a quirky collection of domestic tools. Exploring further, you can marvel at the intricately carved furniture and discover why the collection of books belonging to a farming family is of international importance.

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